We Build & Invest in Content Websites


We build content websites from scratch

We invest in content sites and monetize through affiliate marketing and dropship ecommerce.

We build to sell

Within 24 months or benefitting from cashflow we exit through online brokerages or privately to achieve 3x annual profit multiples

We purchase existing sites to flip

We look for deals where we can add our marketing strengths. Upside deals available.

We work with investors

We partner with hands-off investors looking to purchase online assets

As seen on Hackernoon

Want To Hack Wealth? Flip Websites Not Cryptos

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We started out in social enterprise

What is a social enterprise?

"The greatest upside I see right now from any asset class is the buying and selling of profitable websites."

Richard Patey | Owner & Director, Profit Is Good Ltd

We Partner with Investors as the Operator