How agencies are using social media in talent management

As a result of its ever-increasing ubiquity, more and more businesses are making use of social media everyday. This is especially so for agencies, in the Executive Search & Talent Management sector (as well as seo agencies in Norwich).

When used efficiently, social media can really strengthen a business, but how exactly are these talent management companies using social in their work?

There’s More to Social than just Recruitment

Social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook are an ideal method for talent management agencies to find potential recruits. Recent studies show that half of Facebook users check it at least once a day, and that 25% of its users check the site five times a day!

Yet there is far more to be had than just recruitment, you can also use social tools to monitor:

What content is created or shared by someone

  • What validation their shared content has received from internal & external connections
  • Who the people are that are validating their content – subject matter experts versus newcomers
  • What commentary and engagement are they receiving, or is it purely broadcasting

Managing Social Reputation

Talent management agencies such as Adastrum are able to monitor how the public feel about a particular company or organisation. Having an accurate idea of how a company is perceived by the public means that they can work to address any recurring concerns or issues that may affect the recruitment process.

Not only can agencies use social media to monitor reputation, they can also use it to help build it.

To Provide Employee Feedback

As one might expect, receiving positive feedback motivates employees to continue working hard. This is especially true if they are publicly praised, which makes social media a perfect forum on which to congratulate employees. If employees have a positive mindset, the business environment will improve, leading to strong business growth.

To Benchmark Data

Digital can be used by talent management agencies to benchmark any data they may want to share with other companies in the same or different industries. This might include salaries for available jobs, especially if the job attractive, offering a competitive salary and other benefits. However, agencies can also benchmark data about employee satisfaction and their levels of performance.

For Social Referrals

In general, successful people know other successful people, meaning that companies are referred to each other through mutual contacts. The use of digital only makes this process easier. Not only can it help companies network to find others that may be able to support them, agencies can also use social media to network with existing employees’ contacts in order to find new potential employees.

Overall, social media means that talent management agencies are able to provide a stronger and more successful service, for both employees and clients. And with the inevitable evolution of social media in the future, it will come to play are more significant factor.

A Superyacht Way Of Life

This job is a one-off. To be eligible, it is a requisite that you know how to sail across the oceans with the use modern naval apparatus, keep away from pirate attacks, know floral arrangement, offer an excellent service, meet the topnotch standards in cleaning rooms, organize events, and have a grasp of exceptional wine. Being a multilingual is a plus.

It surely looks demanding, this is due to the employers are accustomed to having the very best. Owning a yacht is an understatement for these employers, they own an extravagant superyachts that is valued up to £400 million – this is why they are demanding the staff to complement it, and expects a first-class handling of their ship.

Finding such people is very challenging. The method of finding a crew is grueling enough even for a smaller boat, given that most of the members are being endorsed from docks all over the world. This is where yacht crew agencies such as Silver Swann Yacht Crew come in.

The increasing industry of super-yacht requires a smoother process of getting a crew, this is why UK Sailing Academy (UKSA) was established. UKSA is a charity that can be found in the Isle of Wight at Cowes. UKSA is offering courses that will develop young adults into super-yacht deck hands with becoming a captain of one of these boats as their ultimate goal. It has been the sole place that offers this kind of courses for the past seven years. The programme for cadetship will usually accept applicants mid-year and starts in October. The whole cadetship lasts for four years with almost half the time spent learning the job in the ocean.

Last 2014, there were 12 endowments to cover a portion of the course costs, offered to chosen applicants aged 18 to 25. A shorter course is available that teaches student all the things they are expected to work below the deck and concentrates more on hospitality. Competition is up rising as the opportunity to travel around the world with very good pay is waiting for these cadets. The cadets in the programme can already earn £1,600 every month even though they are still on training, while captains can earn up to £250,000 anually.

Based on the 2012 record, 4,549 superyachts are in use, and by 2031, the industry will likely grow to about 7,500.

It is hard to withstand the charm of the superyacht way of life. Some of the graduates of the programme have been employed on Motor Yacht A, a £174 million boat built for the Russian billionaire Andrei Melnichenko created by Philippe Starck, a French designer. The boat has a helipad, a room to accommodate 37 crew, two pools, and six magnificent guest suites with each having its own Jacuzzi.

Eclipse, a German-built superyacht owned by Roman Abramovich is 162.3 metres long, has 2 helipads, 24 guest cabins, and has a 16 metre pool that can be converted as a dance floor. This was the largest superyacht in the whole world until Azzam was built in 2013. Azzam costed £390 million and said to be the most intricate and difficult yacht ever built.

A guide to Morzine, France

At the center of Portes du Soleil area, there’s Morzine. It’s a busy town with 194 lifts and a 650km of piste with an altitude of 1000m, while the top lift is 2466m high. With a large number of lifts and pistes available, we just hope that it’s higher by a thousand metres.

Even before World War I, Morzine was already a winter sports resort and has a reputable reputation being an international holiday centre in the mid 1920s. Morzine has a life outside tourism, in fact, it continued to be centre for regional agriculture and it’s linked across Pleney and the town of Les Gets.

A lot of the après-ski venues and bars in Morzine are along Taille de Mas du Pleney, also known as Bar Street, and it’s between tourist office and Pleney. Morzine is a mecca for British chalet companies and the catered ski chalets in Montriond are a great option.

Morzine is not usually reliable and cannot guarantee that the village will be always covered with snow, this is because of its low altitude. Christmas time and Easter doesn’t include Morzine to be the best spot for the Alps. Within the area, Avoriaz is the best for skiing, but its top station of 2466m is still low. If mountains in Portes du Soleil were higher, then it’s gonna be easy for it to get a title of being one with the greatest circuits in the whole world.

There are a lot hotels for every price bracket in Morzine, but a reporter said that you need to choose your hotel wisely because many of the accommodations in the area claims to be within the centre ville but the truth is they are miles away from the slopes.

Average skiers will like exploring Morzine as they can pass across numbers of valleys and also the border of Franco-Swiss. There are also variety of slopes like open slopes combination, lower down tree-lined runs, and higher up. It’s not just for beginners to average as advanced skiers can also enjoy the magnificent Swiss Wall and the steepness of piste from Les Haut Forts going to Les Prodains, as well as Combe d’Angolon. There’s also a remarkable powder bowl from the uppermost of Chamossiere. So what does Morzine has for beginners? It offers decent nursery slopes as well as ski schools. Aside from freestylers that can be better in Avoriaz, Morzine can cater Beginners up to advanced skiers.

Timing is a big key to ensure that you’ll enjoy your stay in Les Gets and Morzine. Easter and Christmas is a risky time. Mid-term of February is more advisable and last minute skiing like a short break or weekend would be better too because you’ll already know if the condition in the area is not risky.

Taking your insight to market

Anyone with any business or market insight is entitled to leverage that to their own advantage; that is capitalism’s basic principle. However, there are, for the best of reasons, rules and regulations concerning the trading of stocks and shares that cut against that free-market ethos. What is more, the barriers to trading in those stocks are often so high that for most of us the option to make the most of our intelligence is simply not an option anyway.

Ordinarily, stock brokers’ commissions, trading fees, the complexities of the tax system and the necessity to trade in sufficient volume to mitigate those costs put the stock market out of reach. But it doesn’t have to be like that.


Access to markets

If you are attuned to the market conditions in a particular sector or even a specific business, it is now possible to take advantage of that information in a way that is free of fees, free of tax and immediately accessible. Financial Spread Betting (FSB) is a derivative-based betting medium that allows private individuals to stake a position on the movement of individual stocks, shares and currencies.

Capitalising on volatility

The description ‘derivative based’ means the stocks, shares, currencies or commodities involved are not actually traded. Instead, based on the financial system of contracts for difference (CFDs), an investor takes a position on a stock, declaring their belief that it will either rise or fall. FSB treats both in identical fashion. If their assessment proves correct, they win to the tune of their declared stake multiplied by however many market points the stock has moved. It is a mechanism that offers the possibility of fast and substantial profits. Thus, an initial £10 commitment will translate into £100 if the market rises by ten points during the period of the bet – players decide for themselves when to stop or close their positions. This ability to capitalise on market volatility is enacted directly by means of either a downloaded trading suite or directly via Tradefair online, who are just one of many specialist betting firms who offer the service.

A balanced risk

If this sounds too good to be true, a word of caution is required. The same open-ended potential for gain applies if the market moves in the wrong direction. If that £10 commitment was made on the basis that the market might rise but it falls, losses will be calculated on the same basis. In other words, that initial £10 will translate to a £100 deficit.

The risks are evident but that should not bar anyone from entering the market if they have a measure of knowledge, insight and confidence in their reading of the market. It is possible to use FSB as a form of play. The majority of trades are enacted over a matter of minutes as traders dip in and out of volatile markets. It was not originally designed as a long-term investment vehicle. The provision of a smartphone app in addition to a desktop trading suite indicates the potential for precisely this more casual adoption.


International access

But, at the same time, there are serious-minded private traders who invest millions via FSB as a full-time practice. Anyone prepared to chart the movement of a particular stock over time and to make themselves familiar with the immediate conditions affecting its market value is putting themselves in the ideal position to be able to trade confidently and profitably. What is more, because no actual purchases are made, FSB trades can be enacted 24/7 irrespective of the schedules of the world’s individual stock markets. This is particularly of relevance if your insight extends to Foreign Exchange or commodity markets.

FSB is not for the faint hearted. The risks are real but they apply most pertinently to those who lack the market intelligence, the discipline and the research base that are the mark of a serious player. For the serious-minded player, the potential for profit makes FSB a mechanism worth investigating. Risk is always the corollary to profit – that’s how capitalism works.

Luxury hotels or adventure? You don’t have to choose

If you’re into both steep chutes and top luxury ski hotels you may think you need to compromise. These big hitting Canadian resorts have some of the best terrain but also top luxury accommodation.

Big White 

Big White is Canada’s fourth-largest ski area and has a consistent supply of dry snow at 750cm a year. It’s TELUS terrain park is one of the best in the world with a 450ft half pipe and all the resort’s accommodation is ski-in-ski-out with the premier Chateau Big White being our top pick.


Easy                                         18%

Intermediate                          56%

Advanced                                26%

Total Pistes:                             118

Longest Piste:   4.5miles (7.2km)


Whistler has incredible free riding split across two huge mountains, with open bowls on the Blackcomb glacier to long, thigh-burning glades down to Creekside. This vast resort has luxury accommodation to fit all tastes such as the Four Seasons on Blackcomb Way, our top pick.


Easy                                          20%

Intermediate                           55%

Advanced                                 25%

Total Pistes:                             200

Longest Piste:        7miles (11km)


Revelstoke is a huge, raw resort and a great base for heli-skiing. The resort claims over 3000 acres of terrain (more than Fernie) with huge tree runs – experts are truly in their element. Our luxury pick is the Sutton Place Hotel with a great pool and hot tubs.


Easy                                                7%

Intermediate                              45%

Advanced                                    48%

Total Pistes:                                   56

Longest Piste:   9.44miles (15.2km)