Social Enterprise Growing Business With A Purpose

Pearson Education and Villanova University School of Business have put together an infographic titled “Social Entrepreneurship: Growing Business With A Purpose”. The graphic details the various organization models and ventures of Social Entrepreneurs, how social enterprises are transforming innovation in business, and more.

Factors to consider when deciding to sell your business

After years of hard work, sacrifices, stress and worry you’ve managed to build a strong and profitable social business. And you now decide that the time is right to sell your business and move onto another chapter in your life. Although they were not social enterprises I’ve recently sold a web businesses and its great to […]

Profit changes for social enterprise partnership models

Limited liability partnerships (LLP) – salaried partners Currently, if an LLP carries on a trade or profession with a view to profit, then its members are treated as partners. However, finance bill 2014 will ensure that a salaried member of an LLP will be treated as an employee where the following conditions are met: There […]

Social enterprise – it’s all around you

According to a report by Melanie Mills, the chief executive of Social Enterprise West Midlands CIC, for the Guardian, there are at least 62,000 social enterprises based around the UK. What you might not realise is that these firms are based in just about every industry you can think of. Change your way of life […]

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