Opportunities And Challenges When Expanding Into Europe

One of the greatest joys of running a business is watching it grow and adapt to the world around it, especially when it takes a brave leap across the ocean to try and set up shop in a foreign land. While the potential rewards of a successful international business expansion can be huge, glittering and […]

Students turn social enterprise market traders for the day

The battle is on to find the best student entrepreneurs in an Apprentice style selling task. Organised by the University of Bath, UniPopShop will give students a taste for social enterprise and give them great experience to take into a crowded job market. Eighteen teams from 15 universities across the country are taking part and […]

Will social enterprises adapt or will their director’s change jobs?

Matt Black of Pioneers Post gave his answers to ‘Five tough questions for social enterprise in 2013‘ in January followed by David Floyd on his Beanbags and Bullshit blog. David asked whether someone else could chip in with their thoughts in March so I thought I’d oblige: Q1: Can social enterprises survive the economic gloom? Social […]

Social Venture incubators, equity and exits

Now really is an exciting time for social ventures. The decade long (2002-2012) social enterprise reality-distortion bubble has finally burst. Social ventures and social investment is the new game in town with an integrity and focus on actual business solutions for scaling social impact. It’s damn refreshing. First came the Investment and Contract Readiness Fund managed by The Social […]

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