How to jump on the content marketing bandwagon

The phrase content marketing is everywhere right now, but what is it, why is it relevant to you and how can you get involved? This article, by Martin Harrison of online copywriting supplier Copify delves into the subject in detail and tells you everything you need to know.

First of all – what is content marketing?

Broadly speaking, content marketing refers to the process of creating and promoting content that will raise awareness of your brand, your products and your services. This usually comes in the guise of useful, funny, shareable and interesting articles, videos or interactive pieces such as infographics.

Why do I need to do this?

It is universally accepted that content marketing is becoming increasingly important for several reasons. People are blind to advertising and bored of direct marketing, while SEO is becoming increasingly driven by the kind of links that money just can’t buy.

Content marketing is a way of promoting your business covertly and setting your stall out as an authority in your vertical.

Hang on, I don’t have any budget for this…

Don’t panic, just because you don’t have any cash, doesn’t mean you can’t take part. Most companies will already have some form of content that they can promote.

First of all, do an audit of all of the existing content you have produced, either on your own site, or for other sites. You may be surprised at the amount of content you have amassed over the years.

There are 2 free tools for doing this – Screaming Frog will help you find all of the pages on your site Open Site Explorer for sites that link back to yours.

Once you have all of these assets, set up an automated social media tool like Hootsuite to share this content with your followers. There is more information on how to set all of this up in an article I wrote.

Moving forward, you can create new content by encouraging staff members to contribute pieces that discuss their daily work activity and you will find that colleagues/friends/family will often be happy to contribute in exchange for an SEO-friendly link.

How to win at content marketing

1) Think about genuinely interesting, useful or funny content ideas.

2) Spend time on your copy/design to make sure it is perfect – don’t be too overt with your branding, subtly is the name of the game and more people will be inclined to share content that is not blatantly promotional.

3) Regularly promote your content on social media to get maximum exposure – mentioning key influencers in your posts and including them in tweets is a great way to increase the chances of them sharing on your behalf.

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